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The DIESOL Podcast | EdTech in ESL

Jan 15, 2024

Dive into the inspiring journey of Mahmoud, an English instructor and former artillery field member, in DIESOL podcast episode 97. Discover how Mahmoud, also known as Polaris, built his English language skills on his own terms, fostering a unique perspective on self-empowered language learning. His experiences, from offering free tours on the streets of Jordan to teaching English, offer valuable insights for both students and teachers. Tune in to hear about his innovative approaches to language learning and teaching.

Key discussion points in the episode:

  • Polaris' path from student-leader to teacher.
  • The role of self-motivation and cultural immersion in language learning.
  • Challenges faced by Arabic-speaking students in learning English.
  • Innovative teaching methods and technology use in language education.

Show Notes:

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