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The DIESOL Podcast | EdTech in ESL

Mar 18, 2024

Ever wonder how you can inspire your teaching team to embrace PD, despite their busy schedules or PD resistance? Tune in to this episode to uncover practical solutions that bring professional development into the daily routine without the dread.

  • Understanding Resistance: Recognizing some of the common obstacles to PD, from time constraints to skepticism about new methods.
  • Building a PD Community: Tips for fostering a culture of shared learning and collaboration within your school or department.
  • Redefining Professional Development: Discover alternatives to traditional PD that resonate with busy teachers.
  • Brown Bag PD Sessions: Learn how to start informal, peer-led sessions that can transform your team's approach to professional growth.

Listen in to reinvision how you and your colleagues think about professional development in a local and supportive environment!

Show Notes:

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